Flynn Dance Center 828 Tulip Ave, Knoxville, TN 37921

3:00pm - 4:30pm Workshop 1: Comfortable Close Embrace

4:45pm - 6:15pm Workshop 2: Going Dark

8:30pm -Midnight  Evening Milonga (DJ: Karen Jaffe)

w/Performance by Tate & Karen


HoLa Festival Performance by Karen & Tate 

Downtown Market Square (Everyone is invited)

K.A.T.S performance will be 

Below events at Double S Wine Bar (129 S Gay St)

7-8pm Beginner Lesson by Karen & Tate ($10 at the door)

8pm -10pm Practilonga

Tate & Karen

WHO are we and WHY study with us?

Tate Di Chiazza, is an international artist visiting from Buenos Aires. Since his teens he has studied with masters, worked teaching and performing Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires. Tate has traveled extensively, around the world with Tango, both as an instructor and performer. He toured with the famous show "Tanguera" from 2002-2009. www.tatetango.com

Karen Jaffe lives near Asheville, NC. In her 20+ years of Tango she has supported dancers through offering weekly classes, social dances, has organized dozens of events and has traveled extensively to continue her own education and to teach. Her reputation in both the SE region and wider Argentine Tango community is that of a skilled and engaging partner with well refined technique. www.tangogypsies.com

Together with Karen, they have over 40 years’ experience dancing, teaching and performing Argentine Tango!
Our teaching philosophy is based on the ideal of the dancers being independent, yet connected and co-creative. We support active following, freeing the follower to interpret the music through her body. We prioritize comfort, connection and clarity. Within a solid base of structure, technique and timing, the energy flows freely through the couple. This philosophy is further supported by the concept of tension and release, allowing the dance to come from a very quiet place yet explode at moments, always returning to an attentive, subtle baseline.
Ours is a more modern, complex and evolving style, but has its roots in a deeply traditional form. Leaders and followers have distinct roles; yet share many aspects of fundamental technique. They collaborate and negotiate, moment to moment, reading each other, redirecting the flow of energy between them, understanding the perfectly imperfect nature of the dance.
As far as our teaching style- We would call it relaxed and fun, heavy on technique and exploratory based. We may use a movement or sequence as a framework for the technique or concept we are looking at, but our focus is the natural flow of the energy from lead to follow, relative position and timing for any given movement. ....all with a healthy dose of playfulness!
Once the mechanics of a given movement are grasped, we focus on "how" the movement is executed, the quality of the connection and communication, refining the clarity and how we feel the movement. In the end this is a social dance, and we want to experience a good feeling with our partner, no matter what movement we are creating together.
Our workshops are designed to start at a fundamental level and progress based on the level and ability of the group, by the end to engage and challenge the most experienced dancers!

Videos of performances (improvised)

If you are interested to study with Karen and Tate, watch Tangogypsies website and Facebook announcements for details of the tour, to see when they may be visiting a city near you. If you are interested to host them for workshops in your community, contact Karen at kjtangogypsy@gmail.com


*Please note that any classes hosted by VolTango must be paid directly to VolTango

$50 - FULL Pass (Single KATS members)

            (Workshops & Milonga)

Registering from out of town, please inform us if you need a host.

$25 - FULL Pass (Single Student-valid ID required)

            (Workshops & Milonga)

$70 - FULL Pass (Single Non-members)

​               (Workshops & Milonga)

$75 - FULL Pass (Non-members)

​               (Workshops & Milongas)


Starts September 16

$10 - MILONGA only Pass

Before September 15

Tate & Karen

Tate & Karen are back in Knoxville!!!  If you were able to participate last year, you already know how great the experience was and it's only going to be better this time!!! Don't miss all that is planned and more with these awesome and super fun teachers!!!  Detailed biographies are at end of page.



$55 - FULL Pass (KATS members)

            (Workshops & Milonga)

Knoxville Argentine Tango Society

Tate & Karen WORKSHOPS

September 28-29, 2019

hosted by KATS