Upcoming Special Events:

​​***********************************************************Tango Drills & Practica

Every Thursday at The DeRail Zone  7-9p

717 Winona Street

Free event but donation requested for utility maintenance


​Tango Classes at UTK
Ongoing classes on Mondays from 7-9p

​Hollingsworth Auditorium
(corner of Joe Johnson Dr and EJ Chapman Dr)
FREE for UT students, faculty & staff
$5 suggested donation per class for all others
see VolTango Facebook page for details



with Tate & Karen

SEP 14-18 2017


Each Day there will be a class to improve your “QUALITY OF DANCING”

Tate and Karen believe in QUALITY! They want to help you find a deeper, more rewarding dance. It’s not about how many tricks you can do, but “HOW’ you execute the movements! You can enjoy more the dance you already have through improving connection, finding a more comfortable embrace, a smooth and connected walk with better communication and cooperation while dancing. Tools and exercises to catalyze your dance to a new level!

Thursday Sept 14
7-9pm Class and practica at The DeRail Zone (717 Winona Street)
“QUALITY in the Embrace”
Let’s look closely at “HOW” you are embracing your partner. We all want to feel good inside the embrace. Isn’t that a big part of why we dance? Find the best embrace possible, while maintaining connection and communication. Work with us on this most fundamental part of the dance.

Friday Sept 15
8p-12a Class and House Milonga at Juan Luis & Sodeya's House (PM for address)
“QUALITY as you Walk” 
No matter if you are dancing Fresedo or D’Arienzo, walk with intention, bringing to life the music through every step. Refining mechanics and exploring “HOW” we walk as we express the music with our partner. Tips that will help you feel more confident and connected as you move together.

Saturday Sept 16
2 Classes and Practica at The DeRail Zone (717 Winona Street)
4-5:30p “QUALITY in the Pivot”
Technique Time!....using torsion to pivot with tension and release, we amp up your pivots! Create effortless pivots by closely examining “HOW” you are using your bodies to invite a pivot. Timing, relative position and body mechanics.
6-7:30p “QUALITY in your Turns”
Turns are the heart of the dance. Many other movements reside inside the turn. Let’s take a close look at “HOW” we make a turn. Deconstruction of the turn will allow us to explore each part more deeply to understand more and improve the feeling we experience in our turns. Clear invitation, active following, maintaining connection.

7:30-8p PRACTICA

Sunday Sept 17
HoLa Festival - Demo at 3pm at the Main Stage in Market Square
Tate & Karen will perform for the first 2 songs and then we need EVERYONE dancing in front of the stage for a mini milonga 

7-10pm at The Derail Zone
Short Intro class followed by lots of dancing!!

Monday Sept 18
7-9p class and practica at Hollingsworth Auditorium-UTK 
“Dancing the Melody” 
Many dancers easily hear the rhythmic elements in the music and tend to dance on the rhythm. Can you hear the melody? Create more interesting moments in your dance. Tips and exercises to help identify and dance more in the melody. Take on a new perspective of your favorite music, you'll love it even more!

PRIVATES available on Friday, Saturday and Monday
PM to schedule - times are limited and already being booked!

Full Package hosted by KATS: 
Thursday - Sunday classes, practicas and milongas 
$100/member/student or $150/person for All Others

Per event $25 Member/Student or $30 All Others

Monday hosted by VolTango: Class & Practica 
$5 Students $10 Faculty/Staff $15 All Others
*Please note that classes on Monday are hosted 
by VolTango and must be paid directly to VolTango

Sunday,  October 2017   4p-8pm  
The DeRail Zone (717 Winona St)
Class 1: 4-5:30 
​30 Minute Practica
Class 2: 6-7:30 
​30 Minute Practica  

Monday, October 2017   7p-9pm
*Hosted by VolTango at Hollingswoth Auditorium - UTK
Class: 7-8:30
​30 Minute Practica until 9pm

***********************************************************​*MILONGA PHOENIX*
The Phoenix Pharmacy & Soda Fountain 
418 Gay Street - easy parking on the street, Market Square Garage, or State St Garage
Free event but patronage expected

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