8p-12a  Welcome Milonga - Juan Luis y Sodeya's House (DJ: Agustin)

All the below events will be held at 

Flynn Dance Center 828 Tulip Ave, Knoxville, TN 37921


1:30 -4:30pm  Workshop 1 (D'Arienzo) &  2  (Di Sarli)

8-Midnight    Halloween Milonga



1:30 -4:30pm    Workshop 3  (Troilo) &  4 (Pugliese)


Dancing Different Orchestras Differently

Many times we hear how we should dance a certain orchestra, but did you ever question why his music is like that or why we should dance it like that?

Learn what each orchestra brought to tango so you can show it in your dance 

$15 - Per MILONGA Pass

Knoxville Argentine Tango Society

Special Vendor

We are pleased to announce that Sandra Angel with Mussa Collection tango clothing and D'Raso tango shoes will be a vendor during the weekend.

Sandra designs one-of-a-kind tango clothes for women and men to fit many shapes and sizes.

She will also be bringing D'Raso tango shoes from Colombia for both men and women. If you want a specific size or design, please let her know at sandrangel@hotmail.com

$220 - FULL Pass (Partner Non-members)

​               (4 Workshops & 2 milongas)

$40 - FULL Pass for Students

​                  (must provide current I.D.)

$100 - FULL Pass (Individual KATS members)

            (4 Workshops & 2 Milongas)

Natalia y Agustin 

Natalia and Agustin are back in Knoxville, with brand new musicality workshops!!  If you were able to join us earlier this year, you know how amazing an experience it was, and it's going to be even better this time around! Don't miss out on this weekend with wonderful instructors, exciting workshops, and a special halloween milonga (bring a costume!)

A little bio on them:

Together they have based their teaching methodology on the analysis of movement, creating a study of tango that starts from the deepest essence of movement and grows into the complexity and subjectivity of music interpretation.

Building upon each student's knowledge of body awareness and connection and using simple and rational explanations and exercises, they have taught and guided hundreds of people to expand their body awareness and knowledge about dance, achieving fluid, authentic, harmonic, comfortable, and natural movements.

Their teaching methodology has astonished people from different countries such as Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, France, England, Wales and U.S.A.

See their website for more details: http://www.nataliayagustin.com/

*Please note that any classes hosted by VolTango must be paid directly to VolTango


Starts October 1

Registering from out of town, please inform us if you need a host.

$190 - FULL Pass (Partner members)

​               (4 Workshops & 2 milongas)

$120 - FULL Pass (Individual Non-members)

​               (4 Workshops & 2 milongas)

Smoky Tango Mini Festival with

Natalia and Agustin


Special Halloween Milonga

hosted by KATS

October 25-27, 2019